Accounting & Administration Setup
Accounting & Administration Setup

The first step is to assess your current System and LISTEN to you. We need to know your expectations, some background about your company and your vision for the future.

After this important step, we will analyse the situation in an independent and objective manner. This process enables us to provide you with suggestions about what can be improved.  Keep in mind, sometimes we may have to tell you things you may not want to hear.

In cooperation with you, we then prepare:
-     The Chart of Accounts,
-    The MYOB software and the supporting Excel files
-    All Reporting.

Reporting is tailored to your needs and preferences like the rest of the system. Data has to be delivered to you in a form that is quickly and easily read and understood, while remaining focused on the important information related to the financial health of your company.

After training your accounting staff over a defined period of time, you will be liberated by a smooth and efficient Administration system, that  your staff is able to use and handle.

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